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huntsman / охотник, егерь, ловчий
имя существительное
hunter, huntsman, sportsman, fowler, tracker, shikari
huntsman, gamekeeper, jaeger
имя существительное
a person who hunts.
A meet is arranged in a particular area and huntsmen don their hunting pinks (really red), black riding hats and set off behind the pack of hounds.
At that point the deer is shot by a huntsman , usually with a shotgun but sometimes with a pistol to the head.
There were seven hospital rooms dedicated to sick hounds, a handsome house for the huntsman , and apartments for the two kennel keepers.
The huntsman said he had tried one drag hunt, many years ago.
‘Nobody loves his hounds more than a huntsman ,’ he says.
The huntsman was in charge of a pack of dogs that followed the scent of the stag until it was cornered or exhausted.
Ferreters love their animals with the severe military love that attaches the falconer to his bird and the huntsman to his hounds.
In addition the huntsman , who is in charge of the hounds and uses his hunting horn to gather them together, is Richard Lloyd.
The huntsman thrashed his stick out at the woman who was begging him to stop and attempting to protect the dog.
Police were called in to restore order after conflict between protesters and huntsmen erupted minutes after the hunt began.
The legal change in Scotland forbid huntsmen from using dogs to hunt down and kill foxes.