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hunter / охотник, ловец, искатель
имя существительное
hunter, huntsman, sportsman, fowler, tracker, shikari
catcher, hunter, fisher
finder, selector, hunter
имя существительное
a person or animal that hunts.
a deer hunter
a watch with a hinged cover protecting the glass.
If you are a bargain hunter , you might be hard pressed to find discounts.
It was likely that he had done such a thing many times before - he was a hunter , and hunting took patience.
This horse was a hunter , and would easily manage the hilly countryside.
Today, the Cleveland has established itself as a heavy hunter able to jump out of clay almost from a standstill.
a deer hunter
Wills was an incredible hunter , western performance horse, and dressage horse.
a deer hunter
a bargain hunter
Most of the animals living in the surrounding area were those that were being hunted, not the hunter .
a bargain hunter