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hunted / охотиться, преследовать, травить
hunt, prey, chase, shoot, prey on, prey upon
pursue, chase, persecute, haunt, follow, hunt
veer, slack off, hunt, hound, pay, pay out
имя прилагательное
being pursued or searched for.
they ran like hunted hares
pursue and kill (a wild animal) for sport or food.
in the autumn they hunted deer
(of a machine, instrument needle, or system) oscillate around a desired speed, position, or state.
In one aborted poem I explored the feeling by examining the way a tuning circuit hunts up and down its scale to locate and fix on a signal.
(in change-ringing) move the place of a bell in a simple progression.
They can still look a bit nervous around town, a hunted look in their eyes.
Doug appears in the doorframe, but first peers out into the corridor like a hunted fox searching for his pursuers.
When O'Grady returned he acted like a wild and hunted animal.
A hunted fox either escapes to go about its business, or gets ripped apart by the pack.
I did run into an American woman who had a hunted look in her eyes, clutched her bag to her chest, kept gesturing to all around to stay away.
The death of a hunted fox is about as quick as a death can be.
It's a tale of love, hatred, betrayal and greed, which moves with the pace of a bull elephant, the ferocity of a wounded lion and with more twists and turns than a hunted gazelle.
That same, haunted, hunted look combined with a glee at what he has managed to get away with so far?
He looked both hunted and even haunted, as you look at those photographs, the images of him being examined by physicians to determine his state of health.
One moment he is snatching his compact frame from the jaws of gravity; the next he is springing like a hunted animal from his heel to the ball of his foot.