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hunky-dory / первоклассный, превосходный, что надо
имя прилагательное
classy, superfine, topnotch, crack, exclusive, hunky-dory
excellent, superb, superior, superlative, fine, hunky-dory
что надо
hunky, jake, hunky-dory, hotsy-totsy, hotsie-totsie
имя прилагательное
fine; going well.
everything is hunky-dory
You go out and for three or four pints it is all hunky-dory , then things start to deteriorate.
Even if the house was in tip-top condition and living in it was hunky-dory , adjusting to life in a completely different place would still mean a stressful few weeks.
That's not to say everything is hunky-dory .
We had just booked two holidays abroad, everything was hunky-dory , and then this happens.
If the team does well, everything is hunky-dory .
Yet this week he maintained it will all be hunky-dory with his Celtic team-mates.
She added: ‘We are standing here saying everything is hunky-dory .’
Yes, everything seems hunky-dory for good old Angela!
I'm disinclined to believe that everything is hunky-dory and that the agencies are working well together.
Just as you always do when everything's hunky-dory , hey Rene?