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hunker / ретроград
имя существительное
retrograde, hunker, back number, troglodyte, slowcoach, fuddy-duddy
имя прилагательное
old-fashioned, frumpy, antiquated, outmoded, hunker, stuffy
сидеть на корточках
squat, hunker, squatty, sit on one's haunches
squat or crouch down low.
he hunkered down beside her
apply oneself seriously to a task.
students hunkered down to prepare for the examinations
We had air raids in school where we had to hunker under our desks or squat down in the hallway with our heads tucked between our legs.
the best way to deal with your father is to hunker down and let it blow over
The image once of the lone engineer hunkered down working on a solution to a problem no longer applies.
I stay hunkered behind the teacher's desk, next to an open window.
The publicity man hunkers down on the grass to steady her round the ankles while she grips her 253-year-old violin.
The obsessive artist spent hours hunkered over his mortar and pestle, grinding, grinding, mixing.
I then hunkered down and got real serious, knowing I was going to have to fly the best instrument approach of my life.
The stench of sulfur filled the air as I dragged myself across the scree and hunkered behind a dark boulder.
She hunkers down slightly further away, hugging her legs with both arms and asking brightly: ‘What were you going to say to Sharon?’
If you are ready to hunker down and get serious, this one's not worth it.