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hunk / ломоть, толстый кусок, горб
имя существительное
hunk, slice, chunk, hunch, slab
толстый кусок
hunk, chunk, hunch
hump, hunch, humpback, hunk
имя существительное
a large piece of something, especially one of food cut or broken off a larger piece.
a hunk of bread
a sexually attractive man, especially a large, strong one.
This is a woman whose man-meeting strategy is to go on cruises and toss herself overboard to attract rescue-minded hunks .
He tore off a hunk of the fresh bread and a small piece of cheese and munched on them as he watched the river flow.
a hunk of bread
a Hollywood hunk
After Jan grows up to be a young hunk , he too attracts the attention of the fairer sex.
Would you vote for an unapologetically sexually aggressive hunk , however past his prime?
a hunk of bread
Your work contains many studs and hunks who are very well-endowed.
At the end of the day, you're never going to find your hunky man when you're looking for him.
But if it is true, humanity owes much of its success to women long ago preferring men of wit and intelligence over musclebound hunks .
Nearby cars were torn into twisted hunks of metal by the explosion.