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hung / висеть, вешать, навешивать
hang, bangle
hang, weigh, suspend, drape, swing, string
hang, hang up
имя прилагательное
(of a jury) unable to agree on a verdict.
This trial in fact, as a matter of record in this Court, was a retrial following a hung jury.
emotionally confused or disturbed.
people are hung up in all sorts of ways
used especially in similes to refer to the size of a man's penis.
he's hung like a horse
suspend or be suspended from above with the lower part dangling free.
that's where people are supposed to hang their wash
kill (someone) by tying a rope attached from above around the neck and removing the support from beneath (used as a form of capital punishment).
he was hanged for murder
remain static in the air.
a haze of smoke hung below the ceiling
(of a juror) prevent (a jury) from reaching a verdict by a dissenting vote.
Whether it will be enough to hang the jury altogether on the issue of the penalty, I don't know.
come or cause to come unexpectedly to a state in which no further operations can be carried out.
This article has all you need to know about issues with internal modems that may hang your system.
Warwickshire on the other hand has remained a hung council, with no overall majority.
The markets will have been relieved that the election did not result in a hung parliament, as they hate uncertainty.
For any of the major parties to gain outright control of the hung council, it would require a major swing in votes.
This trial in fact, as a matter of record in this Court, was a retrial following a hung jury.
In his first trial there was a hung jury, but in the second he was found guilty.
Nine of the twelve jurors voted to acquit them, and the judge declared a hung jury.
If repeated nationwide, this swing would produce a hung parliament.
There is no doubt that the voters wanted to shake up the status quo and they have done this by creating what is almost a hung parliament.
The first trial resulted in a hung jury, the jury couldn't reach a unanimous decision.
Was there a correlation between particular kinds of cases, and hung juries?