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hundredweight / центнер
имя существительное
hundredweight, centner, quintal, metric centner, kintal
имя существительное
a unit of weight equal to one twentieth of a ton, in particular.
With approximately 10 larks to the pound, three hundredweight would account for about 3360 birds being killed each day.
It weighs about a hundredweight and it took two of us to get it back into place after it had been repaired.
Frank is pictured with a hundredweight of butter - or 224 packs - and that represents the weight he has shed in 12 months.
He said the going rate for milk before the premium is about $15.21 a hundredweight .
I remember once having to help carry a three hundredweight bag of wheat.
The only exciting thing that happened all day was when the top came off the scaffolding tower, unbalanced by about a hundredweight of slate which had been injudiciously stacked all on the same side of its centre of gravity.
Allowance must even be made for the fact that the journey alone will knock a hundredweight off a horse.
I guess that, since 1954, I have smoked more than a million cigarettes, at least 20,000 cigars, and perhaps a hundredweight of pipe tobacco.
This massive stone is approximately six feet in length and weight at least five hundredweight .
Ours weighed half a hundredweight with all the food and camping kit we had to carry with us.