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hundred / сто, сотня, число сто
hundred, one hundred
число сто
hundred, by hundred
по сотням
hundred, by hundred
имя существительное
district, county, region, parish, circuit, hundred
имя существительное
a subdivision of a county or shire, having its own court.
the number equivalent to the product of ten and ten; ten more than ninety; 100.
a hundred yards away
Boys go in groups of fifteen to thirty to bush camps, where they stay for ninety to a hundred days to recover from the operation.
it's a hundred cm long
On Saturday morning, I slipped into and out of a top-secret area of the lab while guards sat, unaware, less than a hundred yards away.
divide the result by a hundred
what number comes before hundred?
a hundred yards away
And those are the decisions you're making a hundred times an hour and hoping that your instincts are good.
there's a full stop after the hundred
Now, our biggest guy on the team is about a foot shorter and at least a hundred pounds lighter than the biggest guy on their team.
in year hundred