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hunchback / горбун
имя существительное
hunchback, humpback, crookback
имя существительное
a back deformed by a sharp forward angle, forming a hump, typically caused by collapse of a vertebra.
She was petite and had a dowager's hump or minor hunchback .
She had a hunchback , a great misshapen hump of bone on her back, and walked with a stick.
The condition leaves a child short in stature and prone to developing a hunchback .
This was so from the very beginning, for the supposed peculiarities of his birth and the hunchback , for which he is renowned, were but inventions to signify evil.
She was petite and had a dowager's hump or minor hunchback .
A jolly, easy-go-lucky fellow who hides all his sorrow within and portrays a comical figure, laughing at himself and about his hunchback .
Gus is self-consciously aware of his hunchback and tries to stand taller than everyone else, with tough-as-nails determination and on-demand availability.
He had no major deformities, no hunchback , no pegleg, no limp.
Bronya was not an old woman, but a childhood illness had twisted her spine and left her hunchbacked .
Others told a story of redemption from the perspective of a hunchbacked private investigator.
Detectives were today seeking a one-armed, limping, hunchbacked midget in connection with a £10,000 jewellery raid in Bradford.