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hunch / предчувствие, подозрение, горб
имя существительное
anticipation, feeling, premonition, presentiment, foreboding, hunch
suspicion, hunch, distrust, mistrust, surmise, suss
hump, hunch, humpback, hunk
hump, hunch, stoop, slouch, slump, hunch up
slouch, stoop, hunch, hunch up, slump
hump, hunch, hunch up
имя существительное
a feeling or guess based on intuition rather than known facts.
she was acting on a hunch
a humped position or thing.
the hunch of his back
a thick piece; a hunk.
a hunch of bread
raise (one's shoulders) and bend the top of one's body forward.
he thrust his hands in his pockets, hunching his shoulders
Acting on a hunch , I detoured down the path and a few minutes later emerged by a glorious pool.
Don't bring the leg in so far it bends or hunch your shoulders; this stresses the hamstrings and the spine and neck.
It is only where the decision is clearly random, or based on a hunch or prejudice, that the officer's action is likely to be regarded as unreasonable.
I have a hunch that someone is telling lies
She blew a kiss to Wolf, called him little robber, and slid a wooden platter between the bars of the cage: two steaming lumps of goat's flesh, with a hunch of bread and a flask of wine.
Here is a hunch based, like all good hunches, on just about nothing.
Homesick, he noted how similar the landscape was to his native Tuscany and, acting on a hunch , he went digging for truffles.
On a hunch , the researchers radioed the ground-based team and urged them to continue gathering data when the star re-emerged from behind Uranus.
she was acting on a hunch
a hunch of bread