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humungous / и объемных
имя прилагательное
huge; enormous.
a humongous steak
‘That was great Katie,’ he said with a humungous smile.
Jennie clacked over to me, in her humungous shoes.
He sat down and looked at the giant pictures of his ancestors that decorated the humungous room.
I think everyone will agree these are huge loses - humungous losses.
We are having a humungous party at the beach and everybody will have lots and lots of fun.
Half the sky was a golden glow casting a shimmering slick across the water, and the other half, painted with grey and black puffed humungous clouds.
‘So,’ he started, having not noticed the humungous sigh, ‘Do your parents live here too?’
She and her friends made humungous signs to carry around.
One way or another, we seem to be heading for a world of three or four really humungous pharmaceutical companies in the US, maybe six or eight worldwide.
Lots of people would sign up if they could grow a gigantic potato or a monstrous zucchini or a humungous tomato.