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humorous / юмористический, смешной, забавный
имя прилагательное
humorous, comic, comical, jocular
funny, ridiculous, ludicrous, comical, laughable, humorous
funny, amusing, entertaining, humorous, droll, comical
имя прилагательное
causing lighthearted laughter and amusement; comic.
a humorous and entertaining talk
This humorous and historically accurate account was extremely well received.
The Web site also contains hilarious photos, humorous comics and cartoon strips.
McCann's mother is schizophrenic, and his accounts of his mother's antics are both humorous and tragic.
Jimmy was one of nature's gentlemen, blessed with a great personality and he was of a warm and humorous nature.
He had never been the most humorous of people, but this wasn't at all funny.
Just make a light and humorous story that is witty and clever enough to sell well.
Yes, there's definitely a humorous , warm fella under that bushy beard.
This humorous play has a serious undercurrent and will give audiences as much food for thought as it does laughs.
A sluggish middle leads to a humorous and ironic ending as the dancers swap their threadbare garb for sequinned hipsters.
I just have to put on a funny walk so everyone else thinks I'm being humorous rather than feeling the aftereffects.