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humidity / влажность, влага, сырость
имя существительное
humidity, moisture, wet, damp, wetness, dampness
moisture, humidity
dampness, damp, moisture, humidity, wet
имя существительное
the state or quality of being humid.
Of course, keeping beautiful amid the heat and humidity is no easy task, so the Shanghai Star brings you some new and effective ways to help you look your best in the hot weather.
I'm not a big fan of heat or humidity , even though I've lived all my life in Brisbane, and it's even less enjoyable after an overnight flight.
the temperature is seventy-seven, the humidity in the low thirties
Seems we're two of a kind, Dolly and me, both loving the sunshine and the long, langourous days of summer, and both of us loathing the heat and humidity .
Washers, dryers, dishwashers, and water heaters also generate large amounts of heat and humidity .
The city had a foggy appearance from the heat and humidity .
These terms are sensitive to air temperature, atmospheric humidity , cloudiness, and wind.
Mist the plant daily to ensure enough humidity and keep it in a bright but not sunny window.
Wind, soil type, soil moisture, humidity , snow, and winter sunshine may greatly affect the adaptability of plants.
Just how much of an influence will the heat and humidity be?
Beijing, in the temperate zone, has a relatively lower humidity than the other two cities.