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humdinger / отличная вещица, парень что надо
имя существительное
отличная вещица
парень что надо
имя существительное
a remarkable or outstanding person or thing of its kind.
a humdinger of a funny story
If forewarned is truly forearmed, the 2005 parade should be a real humdinger .
The play has many funny moments, loads of funny lines, and here is the humdinger , the two actors play everybody else, a total of some 15 roles.
His concluding paragraph is a bit of a humdinger , though, and is worth quoting in full.
The event was a humdinger of a house-warming, with sublime moments and a mood that veered between a classical music concert and a beery knees-up at a wedding.
It will be a humdinger .
a humdinger of a funny story
Half of me wanted it to come closer to provide a humdinger of a photograph, the other half (the part presumably descended from a small fish) wanted to bolt for the ladder.
But a couple of weeks ago, I had a real humdinger .
a humdinger of a funny story
Once again it's final time and after some marvellous competitive action in the opening rounds patrons can look forward to a real humdinger of a decider.