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humankind / человечество, человеческий род
имя существительное
humanity, mankind, humankind, human race, man, men
человеческий род
human race, humankind, man, men
имя существительное
human beings considered collectively (used as a neutral alternative to “mankind”).
the origin of humankind
That, alone, raises the most terrifying prospects for the future of humankind .
Such pursuit is an inherent part of living in a fallen world that is subject to the sins of humankind .
It should have made us all proud to be of such brotherhood of humankind .
Conscience and science must go hand in hand to prevent the destruction of humankind .
In its seeming ambiguity yet divine reality it remains free of the influence of humankind and our lusts.
Today, humankind has the science and technology to destroy itself or to provide prosperity to all.
How can humankind 's darkest hour be conveyed by a medium fundamentally committed to entertainment?
That is not to say that with effort and discipline humankind cannot manage some amazing achievements of thought.
They are the enemies of democracy and the enemies of all humankind .
If this is true, it is a testament to the fact that advances in technology do not always represent progress for humankind .