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humane / гуманный, человечный, гуманитарный
имя прилагательное
humane, humanitarian
humanitarian, humane, liberal, classical
имя прилагательное
having or showing compassion or benevolence.
regulations ensuring the humane treatment of animals
(of a branch of learning) intended to have a civilizing or refining effect on people.
the center emphasizes economics as a humane discipline
We want to make sure about the poison used and that it is indeed the most humane method of killing the birds.
Someday, maybe, they'll be able to treat spiders and humans as morally equal, but for now they need to concentrate on more humane slaughter methods.
Could we not have protected our borders in more humane and compassionate ways?
It takes away all things that makes humans humane - tolerance, trust, generosity and compassion.
How long should humane people tolerate that treatment and do nothing?
But I am willing to put my concerns to one side if a humane stunning could be inflicted on the animal prior to its slaughter.
In these areas we have killed foxes by shooting: a humane and efficient method when carried out by a skilled shot.
The cruel method of hanging a condemned man should be replaced by more humane methods such as lethal injections.
Only humane killing techniques, even if this involves non-traditional technology, should be used
The humane treatment of the animals was also a major priority.