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hum / гул, жужжание, гудение
имя существительное
hum, buzz, boom, clatter, clash, jangle
buzz, hum, whirr, drone, whir, murmur
hum, drone, boom, ping
buzz, hum, whir, whirr, zizz, boom
buzz, hum, hoot, drone, boom, beep
purr, hum, croon
make a low, steady continuous sound like that of a bee.
the computers hummed
smell unpleasant.
when the wind drops this stuff really hums
имя существительное
a low, steady, continuous sound.
the hum of insects
used to express hesitation or dissent.
“Ah, hum, Elaine, isn't it?”
The only sound was the low hum of the lights, everything was quiet.
I could hear the sound of cars in the distance (you know, the low hum of continuous traffic), so I walked towards it.
Close your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears and hum loudly.
Why is my amp hum ming?
Mum would commonly hum or sing while she got ready; sometimes I would sing along or just listen.
Most of the noise was from the Scottish man through the speakers, other than that there was a low hum of conversation.
No matter how tightly I cover my ears and hum into my pillow, it's too late to get the sound out of my head.
The open-plan layout reveals a steady hum of industry.
The low hum of air conditioning and the buzz of machines unswitched off is always with you, like tinnitus.
We did a very extensive mapping of the different primary frequencies of the hum and then its harmonics.