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hulk / килектор, блокшив, большое неповоротливое судно
имя существительное
большое неповоротливое судно
заключать в плавучую тюрьму
имя существительное
an old ship stripped of fittings and permanently moored, especially for use as storage or (formerly) as a prison.
Some ships were dismasted and used as prison or storage hulks .
a large or unwieldy boat or other object.
The path wound its way through the mountains haphazardly, towering hulks of stone suspended high above them.
One of these thugs, a balding hulk of a man, performs a neat trick with an espresso coffee.
Rushwind looks at the battered hulk of his ship.
Towering over the town was Turtle Mountain, a massive hulk of limestone and shale layered with veins of coal in its core.
The original Victorian cast iron structure has been stripped back and exposed, its riveted, pitted hulk like a decaying ship's hull.
Hans felt his head thrown forward, as his ears suffered the groaning of the hull, as the massive hulk of the ship came to one stop.
A burly blond hulk of a man spoke from the far end of the table.
He is one of life's cruel jokes: a lumbering hulk of a man, ugly within and without.
A rather large hulk of a man, he looked at his old friend with amusement.
Looming over the entire museum complex is the massive, windowless hulk of the Back Shop, destined to be the fourth, final, and most spectacular exhibition area.
Its fraying carpets, Formica decor and inappropriate flooring for computer networks are all part of the look and feel of a glass hulk of a building constructed in 1963.