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hula / хула
имя существительное
a dance performed by Hawaiian women, characterized by six basic steps, undulating hips, and gestures symbolizing or imitating natural phenomena or historical or mythological subjects.
A brief featurette that looks at animating the hula dancing, an important part of Hawaiian culture.
Join in the revelry with the six-man entertainment group as they perform hula dances to the tune of Hawaiian guitars and songs.
Trivialized for decades by mass-market tourism, Hawaiian culture - from classic hula dancing to outrigger canoe racing - is being embraced enthusiastically.
At Waimea the women danced a hula , which the sailors found quite lascivious.
The band's program, which also included hula dances, was typical of the entertainment of the day.
While I was researching a short story, I gradually fell in love with the hula (dancing).
Singing, drumming, and the hula dance are sacred forms of worship and remain integral to the daily life of some native Hawaiians.
Master teacher Johnny Lum Ho says, ‘At this level, the hula has to be exciting.’
Many of today's performers have had more formal dance training than their predecessors, embellishing the old bump-and-grind with samba, tap, belly dancing, jazz, hula , even capoeira.
Learning hula steps and motions and dancing every day is a great way to keep a body flexible while enjoying Hawaiian music.
We dragged all our instruments and equipment off, while a hula dancing first grader walked on.