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huh / Хм!, Гм!
Ahem!, Haw!, Hem!, Huh!, Humph!, Hum!
used to express scorn, anger, disbelief, surprise, or amusement.
“Huh,” she snorted, “Over my dead body!”
I guess I'm just going to have to develop a sense of humor, huh ?
Maybe they could pay for you to get a haircut too huh ?
They steal your ideas, they steal your guitar licks, they steal your songs, they steal your money - huh !
It tells me how people have found me and stuff, pretty neat huh ?
But the one thing I've learned while keeping this site is that, huh , I am not alone.
So much for weblogs as the great promotional tool of the future, huh ?
I guess that means I'll have a reason to laugh when you're buried in your grave, huh !
Still, it's just as well, if not better, to get paid for standing around doing very little and trying out new cosmetics products, huh ?
Summer vacation is over and it's time to hit the books, huh ?
What gives you the right to comment on the love Michael and I had, huh ?