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hugely / очень, весьма
very, very much, extremely, so, highly, hugely
highly, most, greatly, hugely, notably
very much; to a great extent.
a hugely expensive house
The feminist view of useless men may be extreme, but it has been hugely influential.
His political strategy has been hugely successful and he is a natural party leader.
a hugely expensive house
Baseball caps and hooded tops, known as hoodies, are hugely popular with teenagers.
She said the scheme was proving to be a huge success and was hugely popular with the youngsters involved.
The house itself was hugely run down but was still used by doctors working at the hospital.
He is hugely confident, to the extent that some people have described him as arrogant.
The tax paid on North Sea oil varies hugely from one field to the next, depending mainly on the age of the field.
That makes him hugely entertaining to watch, but expensive to back in big events.
Some of the stories are hugely entertaining but there is a lot of sadness in the book as well.