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huff / оскорбляться, раздражать, задирать
provoke, irritate, displease, annoy, exasperate, huff
lift up, bully, pull up, huff, hector, ruffle
имя существительное
припадок раздражения
припадок гнева
huff, turn of anger
имя существительное
a fit of petty annoyance.
she walked off in a huff
blow out loudly; puff.
he was huffing under a heavy load
sniff fumes from (gasoline or solvents) for a euphoric effect.
kids that are huffing spray paint like crazy
The young Liverpool defender went off in a huff last weekend, complaining he had not been given the first team opportunities he expected when he joined Wanderers on loan on transfer deadline day.
They went off in a huff , waving their arms, calling me names.
A couple of people left in a huff , but most of us just stared in amazement.
Indeed, I wouldn't be altogether surprised if they did hire a few folks to storm off in a huff , and the rest followed of their own accord.
Rather than storm off in a huff , Hal arranged this co-headlining tour, providing a chance to see two bands that won't be playing in small venues for long.
After a few more months of things escalating, Chris couldn't take it anymore, and she moved out one day in a huff .
Megan entered the Literature room in a huff , her temper flared and her eyes revealing her state of mind.
I'd like to ask Mr. Napper for his rationale in this behavior but somehow I think he wouldn't be able to explain it and would probably stomp off in a huff when asked.
In this case the dad chose to huff gasoline in the basement.
she walked off in a huff