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huddle / жаться, заталкивать, прижиматься
cuddle, huddle
имя существительное
crowd, throng, mob, huddle, swarm, multitude
pile, heap, stack, mass, huddle, congestion
hustle, huddle, squash
имя существительное
a crowded or confused mass of people or things.
a huddle of barns and outbuildings
crowd together; nestle closely.
they huddled together for warmth
A Sunday service which he had attended at the cathedral at that date had been performed ‘with more harmony and less huddle than I have known it in any church in England ’.
Richard's head is shown side-on, like a keyhole, through which a huddle of other images are, almost literally, glowing.
Frequently on the run, we would occupy some huddle of rough huts from one insecure night till the next.
a huddle of huts
Meanwhile at the ground, the Indian team is getting into its famous post-wicket huddle and gradually moving together around the ground.
He's the best quarterback on the roster, period, because of what he brings to the huddle and the passing game.
In their huddle of 20 were Troy Evans, Jay Foreman, Dave Ragone, Wade, Kris Brown, Tony Banks and Bennie Joppru.
Once the anthem was finished, the players moved to their respective side of the field, gathered into a brief team huddle , and then moved into position.
Unfortunately, when a class has been together for a long time, the ‘old’ members may cluster together in an exclusive huddle .
Branden also joined the early morning escapade, but he merely sat down next to the small huddle of human mass on the floor.