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huckster / торгаш, барышник, мелочной торговец
имя существительное
huckster, haggler, commercialist
huckster, horsedealer, horse-coper, horse-chanter
мелочной торговец
chandler, huckster
huckster, job
bargain, haggle, chaffer, huckster, palter, higgle
ловко рекламировать
имя существительное
a person who sells small items, either door-to-door or from a stall or small store.
New ordinances banned boys from throwing rocks, female hucksters from selling food door-to-door, and people of color from assembling after curfew.
promote or sell (something, typically a product of questionable value).
Nearly a century ago, for instance, radio was a new grassroots phenomenon that responded to community needs without huckstering the listeners.
It reads more like a huckster selling long-life elixir at a rural county fair.
This bland 30-second spot stood out in the cluttered huckster 's marketplace of morning television because of all the elements that were missing.
Tommy uses every trick in the book to catch his man: dressing as a rodeo clown, shilling prizes as a slick Vegas huckster , or pretending to be a backwoods hick, Tommy has all the right moves.
a door-to-door huckster
You go to war with the best public relations huckster you can have: the White House announced last week that a Washington public relations executive, with no experience in military affairs, was the nominee for the post.
they were clearly embarrassed at having to huckster for cash
When you put it that way, the street-level huckster almost sounds more honorable than the executive.
Instructive, isn't it, how much scientists clamoring for federal funds sound like that quintessential American huckster , the snake-oil salesman?
Every genius, promoter and huckster wanted a piece of the action.
Of course, it won't surprise me if some huckster manages to get the two women to square off again.