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howsoever / как бы ни
как бы ни
however, howsoever
in whatever way; regardless of how.
howsoever it came into being, it is good to look at
to whatever extent.
any quantity howsoever small
If it were so, it would result in the Town recovering all of its costs, howsoever incurred, following the substantial completion date - and it would receive, in addition, a further $260, 100.
In my judgment, ‘termination’ means the ending of the term of the agreement, howsoever that comes about, and ‘conclusion’ has a different and a wider meaning.
Whatever his self-view, howsoever wide his terrorist network, there is no substitute for territory.
Yes, it is a basic human right to be able to express ourselves howsoever we choose.
However, at least one country taxes its citizens on their worldwide income, no matter where they may be resident, and howsoever that income is derived - and that is the bastion of freedom, the United States of America.
Article 14 gave the council of the Law Society power to ‘appoint any person to be a director’ or to ‘remove any director from office, howsoever appointed’.
Human art howsoever perfect can never duplicate this feat.
howsoever it came into being, it is good to look at
In the circumstances we hereby hold you in default and shall claim against you all damages of whatsoever kind and howsoever arising resulting from your breach.
For the truth, howsoever unpleasant it might be, these people will give their wealth, their honor, and even their lives.