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howler / ревун, глупейшая ошибка, плакальщица
имя существительное
глупейшая ошибка
howler, wailer
имя существительное
a stupid or glaring mistake, especially an amusing one.
Now mistakes - even howlers - are made by every columnist from time to time.
a fruit-eating monkey with a prehensile tail and a loud howling call, native to the forests of tropical America.
Many smaller animals have also joined the collection: siamang gibbons, provost squirrels, howler monkey , armadillo and the elusive mona monkeys.
the occasional schoolboy howler would amuse the examiners
This led him to make this mistake, a howler for anyone who has even a passing acquaintance with prominent conservative commentators.
On the field he has been prone to howlers on the big occasion.
We are capable of playing breath-taking rugby, but it's a real concern that we are still making schoolboy howlers .
The howler monkey that Stephens observed on Barro Colorado Island was feasting on fruit near its peak ripeness - when its ethanol content is about 1 percent.
It led to an autumn defensive personnel nightmare that was further undermined by a collection of schoolboy howlers that embarrassed an illustrious unit.
Now mistakes - even howlers - are made by every columnist from time to time.
Looking up with a start, she confronted a howler monkey backing down the very tree to which the washboard was attached.
I like to think I have improved no end over the last year but that doesn't mean I haven't made some real howlers along the way.
And he could hardly have had an easier task after Roy Carroll added another gaffe to this season of goalkeeping howlers by failing to hold a long-range drive from Clarence Seedorf.