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howl / вой, завывание, рев
имя существительное
howl, wail, yowl, hoot, waul
howl, wail, ululation
roar, roaring, bellow, howl, blare, braying
howl, wail, yowl, ululate, rave, chide
roar, bellow, howl, blub, scream, blubber
howl, whinge, whine, ululate
имя существительное
a long, loud, doleful cry uttered by an animal such as a dog or wolf.
While in captivity, they are very vocal, uttering high-pitched whines and howls , rasping growls.
make a howling sound.
he howled in agony
he let out a howl of anguish
I curl up in a chair with my own bunch of blankets and listen to the wind howl outside.
Because even as we howl and bawl out about the way people are being gunned down, we always fail to be introspective in all of this.
The cries of the dying mixed with the howl of the wind and the clatter of footsteps to form an unbearable cacophony of insanity that was all but drowned out by my own silent shriek of torment.
A strong wind came from the west, and its howl could be heard throughout the city as it whipped through dark alleys and tore past cars and people.
‘Thank you,’ she breathed quietly, letting the words be drowned out by the howl of the wind.
She heard something crunch, and then a howl of pain.
It hit them both squarely and they let out a howl of anger.
I heard a low howl , then the animals began to crowd around me.
Sudden gasps of hot wind howl through lodges, camps, villages and the woodlands.