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however / однако, как, как бы ни
however, though, nevertheless, still, even so, notwithstanding
as, how, so, however, whence
как бы ни
however, howsoever
but, however, though, yet, notwithstanding
however, but, then, not that
тем не менее
nevertheless, however, though, but, notwithstanding, albeit
used to introduce a statement that contrasts with or seems to contradict something that has been said previously.
People tend to put on weight in middle age. However, gaining weight is not inevitable
in whatever way; regardless of how.
however you look at it, you can't criticize that
first, however, let's look at the data
however much you practise
any help, however small, will be appreciated
Since I first mentioned it, however , things seem to have got completely out of hand.
he was hesitant to take the risk, however small
however you look at it, you can't criticize that
you can organise it however you want
Once a mandate is binding on a bank, however , it must act or be in breach of contract.
She knows that readers respond not to dry arguments, however true, but to human stories.
They are however becoming simpler, although more could still be done in this respect.