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how-to / как
имя прилагательное
providing detailed and practical advice.
read a how-to book
имя существительное
a book, video, or training session that provides practical advice.
Diet books, medical guides, how-tos and self-improvement schemes, after all, ritually command readers to do it this way, not that way.
With three children, the how-to of parenthood has become an even deeper mystery than it was before.
I know, in the way that I know that Australia is moving north at the rate that our toe nails grow, that only 2% of people who buy how-to books or self-help books act on the advice of the book.
Also on the site is a lengthy primer that provides a near-step-by-step how-to in establishing and empowering a Web presence for a candidate.
In the following pages we'll guide you through a how-to on building your own PC.
This how-to assumes that a junction box is already available.
Learn more about facilitating by getting a good how-to on the subject.
If there's sufficient interest I will make a complete how-to on wiring up your house.
Nevertheless, his ambition and success could tempt as a how-to .
Many of the books about hunting and shooting are how-to books, whether they cover hunting, gunsmithing or other shooting sports-related topics.
He outlines seven basic steps: writing, editing, a publishing how-to , design, printing (if applicable), promotion and sales.