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hovercraft / корабль на воздушной подушке, судно
имя существительное
корабль на воздушной подушке
vessel, ship, boat, craft, bedpan, hovercraft
имя существительное
a vehicle or craft that travels over land or water on a cushion of air provided by a downward blast. A design was first patented by Christopher Cockerell (1910–99) in 1955.
Buying the hovercraft and Argos vehicles were the easy parts, the battle to keep funds coming in for running costs is increasingly difficult.
As he threw himself forward the fringe of a blast from the hovercraft caught his trail leg.
Hop onto a hovercraft or a car ferry and you are there within half an hour.
Even back then, club members recognized the importance of having a second hovercraft on-call in the Lower Mainland.
A lifeboat hovercraft was launched from Morecambe at 12.50 pm following reports that a number of people had been caught by the tide.
Mr Foster thought a hovercraft would be the perfect vehicle to boost tourism and navigate the mudflats of Southend when the tide is out.
When it was launched in the 1950s, the hovercraft was hailed as a revolution in sea travel.
As the name implies, it is a hovercraft type of vehicle with motorcycle steering and propulsion.
The group had toyed with the idea of making a hovercraft .
Predictably, they were caught by the tide and the hovercraft found them in nearly two feet of water.
It has a steady flight, often within a few centimetres of the water surface and is reminiscent of a small hovercraft .