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hovel / лачуга, шалаш, навес
имя существительное
shack, hovel, hut, shanty, shebang, hole
hovel, hut of branches, wickiup
canopy, shed, overhang, awning, sunshade, hovel
имя существительное
a small, squalid, unpleasant, or simply constructed dwelling.
Despite their squalid hovels and ragged clothes, Arthur Young reported that the poor of Ireland were ‘as athletic in their form, as robust, and as capable of enduring labour as any upon earth’.
a conical building enclosing a kiln.
The HOVEL acts as a chimney; taking away the smoke, creating draught and protecting the oven inside from the weather and uneven draughts.
She was waiting this evening for a few more men to notice her before she would leave the fragrant beauty of the bougainvillea above her for the backstreet hovel she called home.
These photos were taken today, and show progress on excavating the centre of the kiln, and also exposing the rest of the outer hovel wall.
He finally made his home in an abandoned hovel adjoining a cottage.
He lived in a hovel of an apartment, sold illegal software, hacked systems, and nursed a feeling of unease.
Kent tries to persuade him to shelter in a hovel , and they go off to look for it.
It's just a shame that the house is such a hovel at the moment.
So by now she had twenty of these inbred hell hounds running amuck in her stinking hovel of a home.
The wretch simply ran madly from his hovel and took chase through his so-called garden.
What crazy devil would be mad enough to pay £30,000 to rent some nasty, rat-infested hovel ?
For these adorn the once-so-humble hovel of a petrol bunk.