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housing / корпус, жилье, жилище
имя существительное
body, housing, corps, case, hull, shell
housing, accommodation, habitation, lodging, dwelling, quarters
housing, home, dwelling, house, habitation, abode
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
houses and apartments considered collectively.
affordable housing
a rigid casing that encloses and protects a piece of moving or delicate equipment.
Mr Greenhalgh went on: ‘Noise won't be a factor either because of state of the art noise damping equipment and acoustic housings we will install.
a recess or groove cut in one piece of wood to allow another piece to be attached to it.
Which housings / trims are rated for damp location?
a cloth covering put on a horse for protection or ornament.
Outside there would be gorgeously caparisoned elephants and horses with rich housings , palanquins and teams of palanquin bearers, four in hand coaches, and subsequently Rolls Royces and Daimlers.
The book is being commissioned as part of a new Sligo County Council social and affordable housing scheme in Dromore West.
To do this we need education (including continuing education and training), provision of infrastructure and housing .
Clamp a piece of straight edged waste wood in line with one of the groove lines and using the waste wood as guide, saw down to the bottom of the housing .
These are kids who grew up in tenements, high rises, government housing or row houses.
a housing development
South Woodham town councillors have again stated their opposition to plans to build affordable housing and retirement flats in the town
One deputy said rural housing was very important and it was great to see that there had been so much provision of housing in the smaller towns and villages of the county.
Instead, Netty proposed provisions for housing and transportation, both of which have raised serious problems for workers on the island.
It was also studying the use of private sector leasing schemes in partnership with housing associations and providing more hostel accommodation.
a housing association