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houseman / вышибала, слуга в частном доме
имя существительное
bouncer, houseman
слуга в частном доме
имя существительное
a hospital intern.
Research shows a high level of mistakes made by certifiers at all levels of doctors, from housemen to consultants and including GPs.
Thus, the standard is not just that of the averagely competent and well-informed junior houseman (or whatever the position of the doctor) but of such a person who fills a post in a unit offering a highly specialised service.
In our own house in Freetown our houseman , Abu, walked all the way from to Koidu to Freetown, a total of over 200 miles, after the rebels came and burned his boutiques and house.
A clearing of his throat, a tug on his overcoat, and Christopher followed Paul up the stairs and into the front parlor, helped from his overcoat and hat by the familiar face of the elderly Negro houseman Joseph.
Dr Bolton had not been at the interview when I was appointed, but the ward sister and the houseman assured me that he was a nice person.
The health service grew up in the tradition of autonomous consultants who could refer to ‘my patients, my registrar, my houseman , and my beds.’
I recall an anaesthetist in a teaching hospital laying claim to ‘the most perfect oesophagus’ he had ever seen, and demanding of the houseman that this request be passed on to Pathology.
The training program helped him secure a job at the Rose Hotel in Vancouver as a houseman .
The last time I had experienced a death at such close quarters was many years ago as a houseman , but then I was not so personally involved.
Having to keep going while containing my own feelings and preserving empathy reminded me of shifts as a houseman .
After graduating, he worked as a houseman in Liverpool and in Wrexham before being called up for army service.