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housemaid / горничная, уборщица
имя существительное
maid, housemaid, chambermaid, parlourmaid, parlormaid, stewardess
cleaning woman, woman, scrubwoman, char, housemaid
имя существительное
a female domestic employee, especially one who cleans reception rooms and bedrooms.
As our family grew we'd hired more servants so that now we had a parlourmaid, two housemaids , two kitchenmaids, a scullerymaid, Mrs. Benson, Mr. Richards and the cook.
A domestic helper, housemaid or simply ‘maid’ can be a welcome relief from the daily household chores.
Still, she has to fetch water from public places for those who employ her as the housemaid .
The housemaid helps the Helmers with the housework, mail, and callers.
The third housemaid did floors, the second maid cleaned furniture, but the head housemaid did the best stuff like dusting ornaments.
It has two twin and two double bedrooms, so it sleeps eight, and comes with a resident butler, a housemaid / cook and 24-hour security (the villa is on an estate).
If you wanted a butler, or a housemaid , or a cook, you got in touch with Mrs Stroud.
Technically it was the job of a housemaid or kitchenmaid but here Sarah and I took turns or did it together if there was a dinner party on.
So when they approached this age enquiries were put about as to where there might be ‘a place’ in one of the big houses for a housemaid , kitchenmaid or nursemaid.
I decided to cut the recipe in half, since I don't have a big family and housemaids and butlers to feed.
From around 1880 State protection on reserves was introduced, though some Aborigines were employed as stockmen and housemaids on rural properties.