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housekeeping / домашнее хозяйство, домоводство
имя существительное
домашнее хозяйство
household, housekeeping, housewifery, menage
housekeeping, home economics, domestic science, housecraft, housewifery, home-keeping
имя существительное
the management of household affairs.
‘For the last two years I have not had to bother about cooking and housekeeping , the main worries of a housewife,’ says Mrs. Kamath.
operations such as record-keeping or maintenance in an organization or a computer that make work possible but do not directly constitute its performance.
Risks may stem from design, manufacture, maintenance, storage, housekeeping , or a lack of user competence.
In 1988, after twenty years with the journal, Alice performed that final ritual of office housekeeping .
All entries were judged on the basis of customer service, merchandising, housekeeping , health & safety and management systems.
Many cancers result from the acquisition of mutations in a family of genes called oncogenes, which normally serve important housekeeping functions for our cells.
Zoning's legal defense relied upon the same faith in middle-class domesticity that supported municipal housekeeping .
she did as much of the cooking and housekeeping as she could
The former head of housekeeping at the ranch claimed the woman had become ‘uppity’ when she was promoted to become the owner's personal maid.
housekeeping genes
I've met many more British women who really understand the details of housekeeping .
Springtime trails are messy, so the housekeeping staff graciously clean your mud-caked hiking boots each afternoon.
The kitchen, housekeeping , cleaning and care attendants were further infuriated to find their jobs advertised in the local media just before the weekend.