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housekeeper / экономка, ключница, домработница
имя существительное
housekeeper, matron
имя существительное
a person, typically a woman, employed to manage a household.
In a scheme being piloted for the first time outside London, affluent city workers can employ Filipino housekeepers , who combine nannying skills with domestic service.
Then rent a fully staffed luxury villa in Mallorca that comes with a butler, chef, housekeeper , maid and gardener.
The owner fled the scene before police arrived, leaving the housekeeper and the girls inside their rooms.
He is a bachelor so he might want to employ a housekeeper and a gardener, but that's up to him.
She manages with a part-time housekeeper , Helen, who moves in full time if she is away.
Although she has the support of doctors, nurses and housekeepers , the former First Lady oversees her husband's care, despite the effect it has on her own health.
The rain ran in rivers progressively colder as the days went on, sometimes falling as a drizzling shower, other times pouring like the housekeep emptying each day's cleaning bucket of dark water.
There's an old lady down here, she's about 80, and she housekeeps for her brother and her mother died 50 years ago but she's still wearing her clothes.
People with occupational exposure to latex include medical professionals, housekeepers , tire manufacturers, and latex industry workers.
Even without abuse per se, long hours of isolated, physically exhausting domestic labor for live-in nannies, cooks and housekeepers can extend beyond what most employees would tolerate.
Personal staff costs - for two butlers, a valet, four chefs, two chauffeurs, eight housekeepers , eight gardeners and a secretariat - are probably another £1m.