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housecoat / капот, женский халат
имя существительное
hood, bonnet, cowl, capote, cowling, housecoat
женский халат
имя существительное
a woman's long, loose, lightweight robe for informal wear around the house.
After a few weeks the figures become familiar; a few old women, wearing housecoats and kerchiefs; a young girl, maybe a teenager, who stares at him intently each time.
She was wearing a heavy housecoat , concealing her moon blue pajamas.
Mrs. Arpel bounces about in her lime green housecoat , wiping everything down with antiseptic glee.
Vera came to the door wearing a green housecoat .
Her crimson housecoat was wrapped around her as she began the walk to her room.
Reluctantly I walked down to the edge of the putting green where the Empress was standing in her housecoat wielding a hose.
Alex nearly lost her composure as she saw Meredith all wrapped in her housecoat .
She was no longer wearing her housecoat , now she wore a black, silk negligee from her wardrobe that Morgan had taken a liking to.
Once in a while the stall-keeper in her housecoat and dyed-black hair will, almost accidentally, break into a pleasant expression.
A woman with white hair and a blue housecoat appeared at a door in the far corner of the room.
She snatched her housecoat off the hook on the back of her door and hastily slipped it on.