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housebound / привязанный к дому
имя прилагательное
привязанный к дому
имя прилагательное
unable to leave one's house, typically due to illness or old age.
Without marijuana, they'd be housebound - weak, unable to hold down food and wracked with muscle spasms.
I am disabled and housebound , so have to put up with it all day, every day, and have been campaigning alone for nearly four years about this dreadful noise.
Meals are provided 365 days a year to those who are elderly and housebound and unable to cook a hot meal for themselves.
A disabled couple were left virtually housebound when heartless thieves stole their car with their wheelchair inside it.
All housebound parishioners will be able to receive Holy Communion on Christmas Day from the Eucharistic Ministers.
The service will also include home visits for some housebound pensioners and disabled people.
They provide over 400 hot Sunday meals for housebound Londoners with Aids-related illness.
Holy Communion is brought to the sick and housebound after the 9 a.m. Mass on the second and third Sunday of the month.
What about elderly, disabled or housebound residents or people on low incomes who have to pay fares to get to the town hall?
Despite months of hospital treatment and seven operations, Lauren is still unable to walk without the aid of crutches and is virtually housebound .
A disabled York man claims he will be made housebound and jobless if his specially-adapted car is taken from him.