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houseboat / плавучий дом, плавучий дом отдыха, экскурсионное судно
имя существительное
плавучий дом
плавучий дом отдыха
экскурсионное судно
имя существительное
a boat that is or can be moored for use as a dwelling.
I'd like to point out that there is an associated problem: mooring of houseboats in marinas that have habitable buildings located close to the boat slips.
However, due to the severity of the swollen river, they have not yet been able to return home to their houseboat , which is moored at Fulford.
I was living on a houseboat , moored in the middle of a perfect mountain lake.
But what galvanized education and research efforts to a more urgent level was the discovery in 2000 that many houseboats were built with a fatal flaw.
The bizarre drama happened in February on the banks of the Thames near Windsor, where the one-time friends both moored their houseboats .
The government should act just as swiftly, if not more so, to warn the boating public of the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning aboard motorboats of all types, not just houseboats .
This problem may not be confined to houseboats since any boat with the generator exhaust located between the transom and a swim platform could present the same lethal hazard.
But we also want people who own houseboats to look at their own boats.
Here a fleet of sedate houseboats lies moored in permanent residence.
Some 1,650 houseboats subject to the recall were over the five-year limit and not required to be fixed under current rules, although some manufacturers have done so.
One by one, other houseboats come into view and join our convoy astern.