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house-sit / дом-sit
live in and look after a house while its owner is away.
But, by a quirk of fate, she had agreed to house-sit for a friend in the north of the Caribbean island and, although the roof was blown off, they were unhurt.
The couple originally came from Scotland and had only come to the Selby area to house-sit for the complainant's parents.
They may be more keen to organise the insurances or holidays for themselves, but they sure as heck need us to clean, iron and house-sit .
Corrie had opted to go with Ryder to the supermarket while Harry remained behind to house-sit .
I was going to house-sit for her when she went out of town, so she was showing me where the bird food was, etc.
Why don't you phone your Ma and get her to house-sit ?
I just saw a flyer posted at the law school; a recent law school graduate is looking for a house to house-sit .
We talked about Rosie's job and how she's coming down to London for a week to unwind a little after organising her move - and also to house-sit for us while we're away.
I had totally forgotten about this, but my neighbors asked me to house-sit this weekend.
I'd go back in the summers and house-sit for a family, and I'd work at Battleground Country Club cleaning clubs, helping around the shop, putting bags on carts.
When they hired someone to house-sit , they meant business.