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hottie / hottie
beauty, handsome, cutie
имя существительное
a sexually attractive person.
a former high school hottie who married a prom queen
I cast looks at the young boys and decided Kai would have been quite the hottie in high school.
a former high school hottie who married a prom queen
That and the fact that Jimmy Stewart was a serious hottie in his younger years…
The sound of twigs cracking echoed around her and the next thing she knew, she was flat on her back with the young hottie on top of her.
An unwanted actor who had been shamefully tossed aside by Hollywood was simply at the mercy of these young hotties .
No sociobiologist would claim that men are ‘within their rights’ to pursue young hotties .
A man with a babe on his arm, explains founder Shane Forbes, is more likely to attract other hotties .
As the camera flitted here and there, I noticed many, many hotties .
Don't just sit there while the girls' softball team attracts all the hotties to their lunch table.
Imagine, the first thing you see is the fruit counter, where high school hotties are busying themselves arranging the bananas.