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hotshot / шишка, даровитый малый, перспективный малый
имя существительное
cone, lump, bump, knob, hotshot, bigwig
даровитый малый
перспективный малый
имя прилагательное
punchy, disruptive, pushy, pushing, hotshot
vigorous, energetic, spirited, strenuous, dynamic, hotshot
имя существительное
an important or exceptionally able person.
these three hotshots decide what's what at the firm
If he is athletic and handsome and popular with girls, it's quite likely that other boys see him as some kind of hotshot or prima donna or threat.
The coaches signed a junior-college hotshot , but he bolted in the spring.
Football remains the Stamford Bridge hotshot 's top priority despite the glamour of his personal life, he insisted.
Meanwhile, Benitez has backed Norwegian hotshot John Arne Riise to keep finding the target following three goals in four games over the Christmas period.
The board had agreed a fee for the 19-year-old Scouse hotshot and he and his agent John Seasman were in talks for most of Thursday.
Of all the stories about the homecoming of this banking hotshot , the one about the limos gets the most mileage.
The son inherits his father's driving talent and makes a name for himself as street car racing hotshot .
Allen's an investigator there, a boozy, chauvinistic hotshot who solves all the tough cases with the help of his connections on the street.
I'm no hotshot , but after four years, I've acquired a high level of skill.
Unfortunately, Ben came out less the entrepreneuring hotshot that he had been made out to be and more a normal young man who had hit upon a good idea when he was 17.