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hotplate / электрическая плитка, газовая плитка, плита кухонного очага
имя существительное
электрическая плитка
газовая плитка
плита кухонного очага
имя существительное
a flat heated surface (or a set of these), typically portable, used for cooking food or keeping it hot.
he scrubbed the oven and hotplate
The thin sections were floated in water on a glass slide and melted onto the slide surface using a hotplate .
I point at one of the ruddy-faced fish and, minutes later, it's thrown onto a hotplate .
You can now walk away and leave the sauce, as long as it isn't on the hotplate , while you go away and do other things.
The little hotplate was an added bonus, keeping the coffee good and hot without ever boiling it.
Sometimes items such as bacon, steak, or eggs are cooked on a metal hotplate , and are also said to be ‘griddled’.
Since there is no gas, his cook often has to make dinner using kerosene stoves and a hotplate on the kitchen floor.
The tortillas are cooked on a hotplate while the fillings are mainly grilled, making for a much healthier fast-food meal than the traditional burger/fries-based option.
My order, Indian Ocean Special Biryani, came in two dishes: a vegetable curry on the hotplate and the meat and saffron rice on the side.
I haven't even sent away the starters when Dwain tries to bring the soufflés up to the hotplate .