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hotly / горячо
in a passionate, excited, or angry way.
the rumors were hotly denied
Immigration reform has been one of the hotly debated issues on the campaign trail.
This is a hotly disputed issue today where the REPS have very tight controls on even hedge cutting in spring especially.
It was the only way I could protect myself from the burning of the passion that burns so hotly in them.
These issues are hotly debated in the platforms of political parties.
hotly debated issues
Either he will hotly deny the accusation, or he will attempt to justify his disdain for or hatred of women.
hotly debated issues
It was the most hotly debated issue in the committee and will be again on Thursday and Friday.
the rumours were hotly denied
Much of the real reason for anti-Americanism of this type - though it will be hotly denied - is nothing more than envy.