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hotline / горячая линия, прямая линия связи
имя существительное
горячая линия
прямая линия связи
имя существительное
a direct telephone line set up for a specific purpose, especially for use in emergencies or for communication between heads of government.
a domestic violence hotline
The hotline will be operating day and night and 30 lines will be available simultaneously.
I operate an emergency hotline to ensure that I can assist in securing a speedy hearing of these issues by the court whenever they arise.
About six people a day are currently calling the hotline with vital intelligence about the sale of drugs.
Those calling the hotline are referred onto police or community service officers for further help.
Now join our campaign - the Evening Standard sets up an emergency hotline to report track defects.
police set up a drugs hotline
But calls to their emergency hotline revealed 1,900 houses were without fuel.
a credit-card hotline
a domestic violence hotline
The woman shopkeeper saw her condition and called Childline, an emergency hotline for children in distress.