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hothouse / тепличный
имя прилагательное
hothouse, glasshouse
имя существительное
greenhouse, hothouse, glasshouse, conservatory, stove, greenery
greenhouse, conservatory, orangery, hothouse, glasshouse, greenery
имя существительное
a heated building, typically made largely of glass, for rearing plants out of season or in a climate colder than is natural for them.
I dream of rain, falling on everything, the dripping, peeling runnels of all gardens, from the grey sky through glass and hothouse , in the sowed order of this elder's place.
educate (a child) to a high level at an earlier age than is usual.
We offer tangible value to the individuals behind the idea and then, by hothousing the concept, we offer investors a very sound proposition indeed.
the hothouse atmosphere of the college
Edmonton's own DIY movie hothouse presents the fruits of its labours.
The White House is both a hothouse and a graveyard for professional loyalty.
But the structure is characteristically tight and Rattigan captures particularly well the hothouse insularity of the Mayfair set who regard Manchester as a foreign city on which the sun never rises.
Maradia is not the product of an expensive private school or aspiring middle class parents who hope to hothouse her into academic brilliance.
It's a kind of hothouse testing ground for talent, where you might find writers taking a turn at singing, wrestlers reading poetry, or comedians playing jazz guitar.
Given the financial commitment involved, it's important to get it right - it could mean the difference between a pokey hothouse or a cold, dark space and a bright, year-round sunroom.
This attitude toward violence was no different from that in England, except in that urban hothouse of London.
But if you've never grown orchids before, you may wonder: Can you grow these hothouse beauties without a greenhouse?
Jimmy was sent to his father's old school, the intellectual hothouse of Winchester, where he was driven by the need to restore the family fortune.