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hotelier / хозяин гостиницы
имя существительное
хозяин гостиницы
innkeeper, hotelier, host, hotelkeeper, padrone, publican
имя существительное
a person who owns or manages a hotel.
Bar owners, hoteliers , shopkeepers and taxi drivers intend to make hay while the sun shines.
John was a hotelier and publican of the highest order.
He called for landlords, the drinks industry and hoteliers to work together to ease the passage of the Bill.
There is another business model for wireless networking that might appeal to hoteliers , cafe owners and publicans.
So many people, including hoteliers and restaurant owners around this area, had hoped to host the contingent.
The idea was widely condemned by shopkeepers and hoteliers in Capri.
There has been a bit of laughter about it but some of the businesses and hoteliers are quite irate.
The dance critics may be undecided, but the hoteliers and shopkeepers of the capital salute her.
It really makes me wonder who this meeting is for because, apart from hoteliers and businesses, I don't see any benefits for the residents of York.
Mr. Peter's new-patented invention is very interesting, especially for landlords and hoteliers .
Restaurateurs and hoteliers across the Lake District are joining forces to support an extra special cause.