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hotbed / очаг, рассадник, парник
имя существительное
hearth, focus, hotbed, fireplace, furnace, pocket
hotbed, nursery, breeding ground, seminary, seed plot, propagator
greenhouse, hotbed, frame, glass, seedbed, forcing-bed
имя существительное
a bed of earth heated by fermenting manure, for raising or forcing plants.
the country was a hotbed of revolt and dissension
Mr MacKenzie-Wilson said a car park on the estate was a notorious hotbed of crime so is warning residents to leave their vehicles in well-lit areas, and fit alarms.
It's also a hotbed of heterosexual sex - not something that's normally rife at fashion magazines, which are staffed chiefly by women and gay men.
Ann Arbor, MI is becoming the hotbed of engine development these days.
Offices are regularly swept for bugs, and even after the Cold War the United Nations remains for some a hotbed of espionage.
The nearby army camp, which fell on Friday, was a hotbed of disaffection in mutinies in 1996 and 1997.
Central Asia has also been called a potential hotbed of terrorist activity.
It has always been a hotbed of espionage activity.
In the two years since the war ended, the area has become a hotbed for sexual trafficking-a problem that seems to be growing worse.
The Internet is a hotbed of royalism; anti-monarchism and republicanism are comparatively thinly represented.