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hot-tempered / вспыльчивый, азартный
имя прилагательное
testy, irascible, violent, fiery, wildcat, hot-tempered
venturesome, excitable, venturous, hot-tempered
имя прилагательное
easily angered; quick-tempered.
Character wise, she is hot-tempered , bold, judgmental and jumps to conclusions easily.
He's a little hot-tempered , but you have to be like that to do what you want to do.
What could my hot-tempered brother possibly do?
Based on a true story, the film tells how a racehorse dismissed as a no-hoper, ridden by a hot-tempered loser, and owned by a grieving businessman, won the hearts of a nation.
Jerry was hot-tempered , manipulative and unstable.
It is the costume designer's job to reflect a show's era and story and to signal the personality of each character with a signature look-whether it's sexy, demure, vulnerable, or hot-tempered .
It was a bit of overeagerness, maybe, and being a bit hot-tempered .
‘I'm generally less hot-tempered and confrontational than I was when I was younger,’ he says now, claiming to have mellowed with age.
He imagines the conversations and reactions he would get from the hot-tempered , proud people when they are told of his mission in their city.
It's not an easy romance, it's a real-life marriage between two very hot-tempered people.
People, who are hot-tempered , actually get habituated to losing their temper and flying into a rage.